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Sustainability for a better world

Sustainability is at the core of what we do.  Not only do we work hard with our suppliers to reduce the amount of single use plastic in packaging, we are also at the forefront of bringing the latest in sustainable products to our customers.  

To give you a flavour of what we are stocking to to help our customers with their own sustainability:

To reduce clingfilm:

Bees wax wraps, Stasher silicone bags, stretch-ii lids, for storage and cooking.

To reduce disposable cups and bottles:

Smidge coffee cups; Pokito Collapsable Coffee cups; Built and Sigg water bottles; 

Sigg metal food boxes.

To make meals less disposable:

Bamboo lunchboxes, children's dining sets and bento boxes in a wide range of designs.

Storage solutions:

Kilner jars; glass bottles; stretch-ii lids

Eco Friendly:

Eco scrubby and scrubby plus (best dish scrubbers ever!);  Jangneus dishcloth; 

FSC certified wooden utensils 


Lunch bags and shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles;

Recycled glass soap dish.

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