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cookware, tableware 
tea & coffee

At F&Js you will find 

all the equipment you need to boil an egg, bake bread, peel a carrot, make a risotto, mash a potato and even a spurtle for your porridge!

Our extensive range of utensils, gadgets, pots, pans, sieves, whisks, measure, bowls and dishes will help you everyday in the kitchen.

We also have plenty of serving dishes and bowls, as well as jugs, mugs plates and platters.

Coffee and tea can be a serious business - we certainly take it seriously!

Teapots line the shop in all the colours of the rainbow and in all shapes and sizes 

We have filter teapots and traditional ones where a filter an be added.

We have a wonderful selection of tea cosies - check out the puffins next time you are in the shop!

For our coffee lovers, we have stove top coffee makers, Turkish coffee pans, cafetieres, tampers, filters, stencils measures and cups.

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