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Gifts, presents, little luxuries

Frankie & Johnny's is full of desirable, affordable, sustainable, quirky and fun gifts.  


We have 'pick and mix' dinner candles in 24 different colours as well as

striped, pillar and scented candles.  

Luxury Matches - jars and boxed, to compliment/accompany the candles.

Savon de Marseilles - soap manufactured in the South of France - in a vast range of colours and aromas.  Made in the traditional way and is very kind to the environment.  

Add a soap dish from our selection to make a fabulous present.

We stock a range of baskets and bags that are practical, beautiful and sustainable.

Teeny tiny to large Jugs - variety of shapes, colours and quirkiness

Mugs, mugs, mugs - too many to list

(you will have to come and see for yourself!).

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